Bruce Springsteen: The Rolling Stone Files

Автор: Parke Puterbaugh

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Издател Pan-Books
Брой страници 460
Година на издаване 2000
Корици меки
Език английски
Тегло 337 грама
Размери 0x0
ISBN 0330367714
Баркод 0330367714
Категории Мемоари. Документалистика. Българска, Българска проза, Съвременна българска литература, Българска художествена литература, Художествена литература, Книги

Bruce Springsteen` s infamous on-stage battle-cry marks him as one of the foremost stage performers of the last thirty years-a man who plays every concert as if it may be his last. Bruce Springsteen: The Rolling Stone Files charts his phenomenal rise from leaving school at fifteen to becoming the world` s most popular living rock musician.
Reviews, in-depth interviews, profiles and news stories capture the essence of “The Boss” from his years with the E-Street Band to Oscar-winning success as a solo artist. Every aspect of Springsteen` s astonishing career is covered in this definitive volume. With an extensive introduction from Springsteen authority Parke Puterbaugh this is essential reading for fans of “The Boss” and anyone interested in the history of rock & roll over the last three decades.

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