Galabovo in Southeast Europe and Beyond. Cultural Interactions during the 3rd-2nd Millennium BC

Автор: Съставител Krassimir Leshtakov, Mila Andonova
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Издател St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Брой страници 480
Година на издаване 2021
Корици твърди
Език английски
Тегло 1759 грама
Размери 21x30
ISBN 9789540753133
Баркод 9789540753133
Категории Археология. Антикварство. Извори, История, Книги


Galabovo: Ordinary Things — Odd Things - Krassimir Leshtakov

Pottery Ornamentation during the Bronze Age at tell Galabovo - Denitsa Ilieva

Bronze Age Site near Ovchartsi, Municipality Radnevo: Features and Pottery - Hristina Vasileva

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Archaeological Complexes of the Early Bronze Age in the Ovcharitsa River Basin - Tatjana Kancheva-Russeva

What’s so Special There and Why Enclose it? Some Thoughts on the Early and Middle Bronze Age Ditches from Upper Thrace. - Nikolina Nikolova

Some Observations on the Bronze Age Lithic Assemblages from Northeastern Aegean and Thrace Ivan Gatsov & Petranka Nedelcheva

Plants and Environment: Archaeobotanical Research of Bronze Age Settlements in Upper Thrace: Tell Himitliyata and Tell Galabovo - Hanna Hristova & Tzvetana Popova

South-Eastern Europe within the Ancient World-systems, the Bulgarian Ingots Fifteen Years Later - Jan G. de Boer

Rethinking the Great Void - the Inception, Idleness and Balkan-born „second coming” of Anatolian Late Chalcolithic Metalwork - Thomas Zimmermann

Cha?ne op?ratoire of Stone Moulds Production in Ancient Thrace during the Bronze Age Lyuben Leshtakov Worn to Impress. Development and Significance of the Metal Spiral Hair Ornaments

in Early Bronze Age – Upper Thrace - Zheni Vasileva

The temporal Framework of the Early-to-Late Bronze Age Transition in Thrace and the Adjacent Regions - Zo? Tsirtsoni

Bronze Age Artefacts of the Third Millennium BC: Case Studies from the Carpathian–Balkan Area Anca-Diana Popescu & † Bogdan Constantinescu

About the Bronze Age Burials in the Necropolis from Br?ili?a (Romania). Yamnaya, Katakombnaya and/or Mnogovalikovaya? Cristian Schuster

Looking back at Il?p?nar in the Bronze Age of the Eastern Marmara Region - Jacob Roodenberg

A Bronze Age Settlement at the Southeastern end of the Thrace: Maydos Kilisetepe - G?ksel Sazc?

Anatolian–Balkan Connections at the End of the 3rd Millennium BC: A Ritual Perspective - Murat T?rkteki & Sinem T?rkteki

Earliest Organised Trade Joining the East with the West. An Overview on Its Consequences in Thrace - Mehmet ?zdo?an

Step by Step: Cross-Cultural Interactions Between Anatolia and the Balkans during the Third Millennium BC - Derya Y?lmaz

The Prehistoric Settlement at Perigiali, Kavala during the 3rd millennium BC: Cultural Contacts with the Broader Region as Revealed through the Study of Pottery Stratis Papadopoulos, Nerantzis Nerantzis & Konstantina Kyria

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